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What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a commercially supported operating system selected by many hosting providers to give them unprecedented levels of control and stability in multi-website hosting environments. It’s interchangeable with CentOs so there is no learning curve, it lets you see CPU usage on per account basis and works transparently in the background to keep your server running smoothly.


CloudLinux created Lightweight Virtual Environment Technology

LVE is an isolation technology that isolates specific hardware resources like CPU in a lightweight container and limits resources to a specific process or customer. CloudLinux achieves better separation between tenants on a server and prevents one tenant from affecting others – especially due to traffic spikes, inefficient coding from other tenants or denial of service attacks.


With CloudLinux you can

•Control CPU resources on the server

•Prevent individual accounts from slowing down or taking down a server

•Protect servers from unpredictable issues that drain resources for the server

•Increase density so your server can run at its designed capacity – no setting aside available capacity

•Identify accounts that are over-using resources

•Improve server performance


CloudLinux maximizes the server efficiency and boost capability.

To find out more about CloudLinux visit

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